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· My company has“China import and export quality credit enterprise”
· 2015Years12Month25Day,Held the first group
· Our company has achieved many master the four skills of the studio
· My company to work by a third party meeting transition
· Chizhou municipal committee、Vice mayor comrade jinxin to me
·Vertical machining center·Horizontal machining center
·Gantry machining center·Drilling and tapping processing center
·Car milling compound center·Numerical control lathe
·CNC milling machine
Line rail machine series
X\YShaft guide imported ball linear guide,Fast moving speed is high,High processing efficiency;ZShaft guide optional rectangle slide guide,Resistance to vibration
HQ500 HQ800 HQ500N H
This series of products since1986In Europe and the United States since the international market,Through continuous improvement and upgrading,To ensure the sales of the length of the situation

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