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    My company formerly known as rugao water authority(The original title)Subordinate institution rugao mechanical dredging engineering company,Was established1990Years9Month,The business entity enterprise management mode。2003Years,According to the national business enterprise policy,Nature of the original enterprise adjust the properties for the enterprise。In the new company2006Years3Registration and establishment,The registered capital is now5080.00Ten thousand yuan。Company a fixed location:Rugao towns live road145Number(Water conservancy building)。The company has the municipal engineering construction general contracting secondary qualification,Water resources and hydropower engineering construction general contracting level 2 qualification,Housing construction general contracting 3 qualification。Administrative office、Engineering section、This the finance department、JingYingKe、Equipment department、Security department and other six departments and water resources and hydropower engineering、Municipal engineering branch。The company hasEngaged in water conservancy and hydropower engineering、Municipal engineering and engineering conditions。。。。。。

  • The name of the company:Rugao new welling water conservancy municipal engineering co., LTD
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    Zip code:226500
    The level of qualification:Municipal utilities general contracting grade、General contracting grade of water resources and hydroelectric power、Housing construction general contracting grade 3
    Unit nature:Co., LTD
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A、Municipal public engineering construction general contracting     Level 2
Can take individual contracts can not exceed the registered capital of the enterprise5Following the construction of the municipal utilities:
1.Urban road engineering;The single span span40Meters bridge project;The section20Square meters and below the tunnel project;Public square project;
2.10Ten thousand tons/And the following to water plants;5Ten thousand tons/And the following wastewater treatment engineering;3Cubic meters/Seconds and under water、The sewage pumping station;15Cubic meters/Seconds to and rainwater pump station;All kinds of water supply and drainage pipeline engineering;
3.All kinds of city life garbage disposal project

2、Water resources and hydropower engineering construction general contracting   Level 2 
    Can take individual contracts can not exceed the registered capital of the enterprise5The following construction of times:Capacity1Hundreds of millions of cubic meters、Installed capacity100MWAnd the water resources and hydropower engineering and the construction of auxiliary production facilities、Installation and infrastructure projects。Including engineering content:Different types of dam、Power plant、Water diversion and drainage structures、The navigation、Basic engineering、Models project、Application of production、Hydroelectric generating set、Power transmission and transformation project of construction and installation;Metal structure、The installation;Pressure steel pipe、Gate production installation;Reinforce embankments heightening、The pump station、Culvert、The tunnel、Construction of km、Bridges、River dredging、Irrigation、Drainage engineering construction。

3、Housing construction general contracting  Level 3

   Can take individual contracts can not exceed the registered capital of the enterprise5The following housing construction project construction:(1)14Layer and below、The single span span24Meters and below the housing construction project;(2)Height70Rice and the following structures;(3)The construction area6Thousands of square meters and below the residential area or building group。

Four、Project conditions
    Professional large earthwork construction、Riprap、Land reclamation stretched out the project

Five、Machinery leasing
    All kinds of engineering excavator、A bulldozer、Roller、Loader、Dredge etc

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