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Four big advantage
Focus on temperature control equipment research and development

01Focus on the temperature control equipment research and development

A temperature control equipment in the research、Production、Sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises

  • Collect domestic temperature control equipment manufacturingMany technical elite,Absorption of innovationThe domestic and foreign advanced technology and management,To make our productsAlways in the domestic advanced level
  • The professional temperature control requirements of different sectors,The company to provide a full range of temperature control system in industry technology and solutions。
  • Products are exported to Europe、The Middle East、Southeast Asia and other countries and regions。

02ProductsQuality is reliable,Cost performanceHigh

The product obtained several national patents,Aesthetically pleasing、Maintenance is convenient、The safety function is complete

  • The company throughISO9000And the international quality systemCEStandard authentication。
  • The product obtained several national patents。
  • Can be customized,High level of integration,High cost performance。
Product quality is reliable,High cost performance
Professional、Efficient、Enthusiastic service

03Professional、Efficient、EnthusiasticThe service

Senior technical personnel,Professional service process

  • Large and medium-sized cities across the country set up10A number of marketing、After-sales service center。
  • Professional and technical personnel,Provide efficient pre-market after-sales service。
  • Desperately for the majority of users with high-quality products and services。

04Do the temperature control equipment and technology of China

Mutual benefit and win-win results,Good for to fill。

  • Enterprise idea:To the quality strives for the development,With science and technology innovation,By the good faith cast brand,To service and word of mouth
  • The concept of competition:Quality is reliable,Advanced technology,Enthusiastic service
  • The marketing concept:All sales are for love,Exceed customer expectations
Nanjing DE sheng machinery co., LTD

      Nanjing reed sheng machinery co., LTD is a temperature control equipment in research and development、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of high-tech enterprises。Company assemble the domestic many temperature control equipment manufacturing technology industry elite,Constantly absorbing and innovation at home and abroad advanced technology and management,To make our products always in the domestic advanced level,In the industry enjoys a high praise。

      The company's main products include:The oil circulating temperature control machine、The water temperature control machine、The oil heater、The water heater、Industrial cold water machine、Screw water cooled chiller and other products,Is widely applied in various industries,Such as:Rubber(Plastics)Special mould machine、Wire and cable special mould temperature extrusion machine、Die casting die temperature machine,EXExplosion-proof mold temperature machine, etc...At the same time, according to different industry professional temperature control requirements,The male…

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With fruitful results,To prove our strength
  • Organic heat carrier furnace for special equipment manufacturing license of the People's Republic of China
  • Bo sheng cold water machine production license
  • High and new technology enterprise certificate
  • Small and mid-sized enterprise in jiangsu province
  • The quality good faith3AThe certificate
  • A kind of electric heating oil circulation system protection device
  • Heating control system using electromagnetic contactor exception alarm device
  • Cold and hot oil temperature control device
  • Mold temperature control oil return device
  • Circulating temperature control machine(Oil-Water)
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