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Credibility is the result of star quality The price is the result of cost control

  Shen jing building materials co., LTD,Is a productionPVCWall decoration materials co., LTD,Products are mainly used for building、The hotel、Stores、Delivery room adornment is a kind of avirulent、Tasteless、Dirt of new building materials。Is mainly composed of carbonate powder andPVCThe mixture of resin molding,Don't smoke in the whole production process,Undrained。Through the right amount of electricity a small amount of water circulating cooling water,The environmental protection industry of the national standard。
      Company is located in wugang tong fu road98Number,Cover an area of an area2Million square meters,Office buildings0.2Million square meters,Fixed asset investment2200Ten thousand yuan,The company was founded in2009Years,Employees100Many people,Senior engineer、Intermediate engineer、The junior engineers、Professional and technical personnel40Many people,Annual production capacity in the same ranks has always been leading the way,With unique marketing model,Create a new brand image。
      Since2009Years since its founding,Insist on innovation、Development、Green、Environmental protection、Focus on new building decoration materials research and development、Innovation、Production and sales integration of new and high technology industries,Has been committed to indoor and outdoor decorative materials of low carbon、Environmental protection、Health technological innovation,Denounce is gigantic endowment from Germany extruder were introduced、Hot stamping machine、Water transfer printing machine、3DHigh and new printer、UVSpray painting line、PVCCo-extrusion production line and high speed casting machine and other high-end equipment,One of them,Integrated wall panels、Is currently the larger in ChinaPVCThe gusset plate、One of the wood plastic manufacturing base,Enterprises to go throughISO9001、ISO14001、ISO14025AndCECertification、FSCCertification and occupational health certification,And set up perfect office management and quality assurance system。
      The company pursues“Good for the world,Based on the science and technology”、By the quality of development、With technology innovation、High quality services to strengthen inner management,The tree outside the brand image,Strive for the first business philosophy,Won a large market,Products are mainly sold to guangdong、Guangxi、In hunan province、Guizhou、In jiangxi province、Hubei and other places,Some products are exported to Africa and other countries,Higher market share,Welcome by consumers,Was named hunan leader of building decoration materials,Provincial administration for industry and commerce、Observe credibility、The contract of advanced unit,Shaoyang city scale enterprises,“Shen jing”Was named the brand trademark,Well-known trademark,Famous architectural decoration industry。 Development of a target company first,Now research introduced equipment environmental ecological wood production,As the company develop the market potential power,Ecological wood use rice hull、Straw、Corn cob、Wheat shell、Straw、Rape stem、Wood chips、Such as bamboo shavings crop straw as the main raw material,PVCResin and initiator into the synthesis device,Through extrusion equipment,For a variety of market demand for decorative materials,Alternative to traditional wood、Steel、Aluminium material、Brick、Cement、River sand、Ceramic tile is used。Full circle、High environmental protection energy-saving high-tech new building materials,Mainly used for the water's edge、Outdoor、Landscape facilities、Villa、Housing construction,Little space is quick to establish healthy and comfortable personality economy,Building green building materials industry,Become China's building materials industry leader。


The company was set up

Security is part of the social public security,Security industry is a branch of social public security industry。


The company expansion

Security is part of the social public security,Security industry is a branch of social public security industry。In terms of preventive measure,Safety including human prevention、Entity(Content)Guard against and technology to guard against three categories。


To obtain a certificate

Security is part of the social public security,Security industry is a branch of social public security industry。In terms of preventive measure


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To establish and perfect the system of new type of enterprise,To exploit、And progress、Keep pace with The Times,Create more fine works,For enterprises to contribute more to the brilliant tomorrow

  • Shen jing building materials co., LTD
  • Shen jing building materials co., LTD
  • Shen jing building materials co., LTD
  • Shen jing building materials co., LTD

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Credibility is the result of star quality The price is the result of cost control


10Precipitation years production strength Build gusset plate industry benchmarking enterprises

  • Government shen jing专业PVCThe gusset plate、Ecological wood fast loading wallboard,Gusset plate manufacturers and r&d manufacturer,Varieties of inventory,Spot supply delivery fast,Can also be professional customized according to customer's requirements,The rapid development and production

  • Customer sampling stage,Government will shen jingProvide professional technical consultation。Including custom plate sampling、Toning、Thickness、Can be bent plates、Add flame retardant、Add wear-resisting and so on processing requirements,To establish the applicable scopePVCThe gusset plate、Ecological wood fast loading wallboard, etc。

  • Products before shipment,For our quality control departmentPVCThe gusset plate、Ecological wood fast loading wallboard were strictly controlled,There is no question about the inspection before shipment,According to the professional standard for packaging,Loading。Packaging has a wooden frame、Wooden case,In order to ensure the arrival of the goods,And have been tracking the goods to the customer destination。

PVCThe gusset plate


Seiko products,Excellent quality More than1000Customers to provide products

  • Government shen jing生产的PVCThe gusset plate、Ecological wood panels by fastSGS、CountriesMACertification、Environmental protection formaldehyde release a quantity to certification,YouRest assured

  • Global count m enterprise、Decoration enterprise、Engineering constructionEnterprise's first choice,Government shen jing with credit to dispel the doubts of customers

PVCThe gusset plate factory


Just to do better products more considerate service

  • When the customers to find products,If discovery for products in the process of transportation damage,The company for leakage、For fault or less,The company after receiving notice,At will24HoursMake a reply within

  • In the process of use,Found that product quality problems caused by our responsibilities,Our company after being notified,Guarantee24Make a response within hours;To send someone processing,Will be immediately sent to the construction siteCoordinate to solve in accordance with the contractual matters

Ecological wood fast loading wallboard

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Credibility is the result of star quality The price is the result of cost control

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Shen jing building materials co., LTD
Shen jing building materials co., LTD
Shen jing building materials co., LTD

Government shen jing building materials individual design model

Government shen jing building materials co., LTD,In the New Year and have a new plan new ideas。Different materials、Different design example that arises at the historic moment。Consumer choice of a variety of complex modelling,For each...
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