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Surabaya in the villages and towns of Yang shi caihang is engaged in stone processing enterprises   "Shandong grey"Products by the state administration of quality supervision inspection center stone detection indicators meet the export requirements,Are classified ADecorative materials,Export NumbersG3743。Because of its color of sobriety、The texture is fine、Acid and alkali resistance is suitable for building plugins、The ground、Cemetery、Square and other places。Can undertake all kinds of high-standard the size of the plate、All kinds of tombstone and special shape stone manufacture processing manufacturing。Adopted"Shandong grey"Decorative stone of the bird's nest、The water cube project、The central office building、Jinan administrative center、The general building、China Eastern electric group research activities building、The Belgian embassy in Japan、Qatar's education、Guangdong electric power design institute、The main building tianshi large library、Tianshi big stadium and other projects under high praise from all walks of life。"Shandong grey"Products sell well in Taiwan、Japan、And the European and American countries。     In view of the tight、The batch、Uniform design and color is difficult to shi caihang is difficult to solve the problem,The company in accordance with the requirements of the customers,Specify the pond is、To the specified pattern,From production to processing unified arrangement,Sampling、Layout in an orderly way,Ensure consistency of design and color,Board on the wall after the color difference is minimized。"The prestige for this,Quality to win"Our company would like to provide the high quality service...

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Keep the importance of shandong white rust stone surface drying

Keep the importance of shandong white rust stone surface drying

Release time:2018-09-07 To ensure that the shandong white rust writing long durable so we need to know the stone......

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