Wuxi beautiful Chinese dress suit custom machining center

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Beautiful one-Focus on clothing customization

Beautiful cheongsam and workshop,Adhering to all services to customers、The principle of customer advantage,From the initial small workshops to today's Chinese dress professional customized center,The good faith management all the time,Tailor for the customer in accordance with user requirements,Highlight the user temperament and characteristics of the suit... To learn more

Suit the dress custom processing

Beautiful cheongsam and workshop,Suit custom processing professional enterprises,The company since its establishment,Focus on the high-end custom services,Designers use professional eye,The status of the unique Angle of view for you,Create unique you。Let you can swim at various occasions... To learn more

Chinese dress custom processing services

Cheongsam is the most important is fit,And customization cheongsam is to ensure the fit,A manual cheongsam and market hundreds of yuan a pure machine cheongsam process could not be more different,The cheongsam shoddy workmanship for production time is short,Wearing cheongsam cannot be acquired... To learn more


Beautiful a cheongsam shop has nearly 30 years of Chinese production、Suit custom processing history,Over the years accumulated a wealth of experience。As the most prestigious cheongsam dress processing center, wuxi,Beautiful a stick to give priority to with custom、The concept of quality first,Favored by the majority of qipao lovers,Beautiful cheongsam and a suit of styles,Exquisite workmanship,Give priority to with top silk fabrics,Embroidery qipao is one of the features of our。