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Product introduction
>Bath series
Bath ball
Animal bath ball
The bath
Bath brush
Bath gloves
Rub zao towel
>Sponge series
Bath sponge
Car wash sponge
Clean sponge
Packing sponge
Memory foam
Sponge products
Quick dry sponge
Cotton powder puff
>Household cleaning series
Microfiber cloth
Sponge microfiber cloth
Gold and silver onion cloth
Cleaning brush
>Cotton and linen products
The latest information
>Jiangmen plump daily products co., LTD... 4-19
>Household cleaning tips,To help you... 4-17
>Clean the kitchen eight small coup 3-22
>The good helper that occupy the home,Use white vinegar 2-6
>How long is the winter take a shower the most scientific... 1-19
>Need to be aware of bathing in the winter 1-9
The home page

  Jiangmen plump daily products co., LTD production bath ball、The bath、Bath brush、Wash a face to the ball、Foaming net、Sponge microfiber cloth、Gold and silver onion cloth、Bath sponge、Clean sponge、Filter sponge、Outdoor quick dry cotton、Car wash sponge、Sponge products,Products applicable to personal care、Household cleaning、Furniture fittings, etc。The company was founded in2007Years,Is the collection design、Development、Production、Sales in the integration of manufacturers,Plant area20000?,Located in the guangdong province jiangmen pengjiang wealth purifying,Adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao,Water and land transportation is very convenient。The existing bath ball extruder13Taiwan,Average yields6Tons/Days,The annual output2000Tons;It happened1A continuous foaming sponge production lines and a batch of sponge products form a complete set of equipment,Continuous foaming sponge around20Thousands of cubic meters。

  The company has passedIS9001Certification,Pursuit of standardization in the production and business operation、Standardization、Institutionalized,The enterprise scale expands unceasingly,Facilities for production,At the same time of master the mature technology,Constant reform and innovation,Makes our technology continues to improve,Walking in the colleague front row。

  The pursuit of development,No end。Jiangmen plump daily products co., LTD. General policy is the future development strategy:“The quality for this,Benefit is preferred,Innovation drive,Speed up the development”,Build in“High quality、High benefit、Specialization”For the characteristics,To become outstanding company with core competitiveness and influence both at home and abroad and make unremitting efforts,Welcome the domestic and foreign merchants to visit、Calls、Come to negotiate,Phase of harmonious set up long-term friendly relations of cooperation。

The main products:Bath ball | Animal bath ball | The bath | Bath brush | Bath sponge | Car wash sponge | Clean sponge | Packing sponge | Filter sponge | Slow rebound sponge | Microfiber cloth | Sponge microfiber cloth | Gold and silver onion cloth | Cleaning brush | Cotton and linen products
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