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Luoyang tao three-color industrial co., LTD

  Luoyang mae tao three-color industrial co., LTD. Is a larger crafts of henan province、Art ceramics production base and marketing center。The main products for the tang series products,Special products and three categories of folk arts and crafts3000Multiple designs and varieties,One of them“Nine CARDS”Tang sancai and“Goddess luo”The tang decoration,Both won the national quality exposition of arts and crafts and flowers... To view more>>
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  • The peony porcelain craft

    The peony porcelain craft

      Peony porcelain is China's western region is rich in many kinds of mineral elements of kaolin for manufacturing information,After the material grinding-Slurry mixing-Filter mud-Get fit-To shape-To dry-Biscuit firing-Glazing-Glaze firing, etc
  • The myth of peony and porcelain

    The myth of peony and porcelain

      The origin of the peony culture,If from《The book of songs》Peony into poetry,Is it about3000Years of history。In medicinal plant peony recorded in qin and han dynasties s《Huang di》,Peony has entered
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