Years of brand,The precipitation of experience:To quality service win the logistics socialization opportunities to service innovation Open the modern service industry new pattern。


In the after-sales service work,We constantly sum up experience,Constantly improve the service,Gradually formed a set of efficient、A complete after-sales service system,Broad scope of our services to touch

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Since its establishment,In order to"Focus,Innovation,Pragmatic,Take the customer as the center"In the spirit,A is a technical problem is solved

After all

We have specialized24Hours of free service hotline,Sincerely request maintenance record for clients, and provide perfect after-sales service in the promised time。

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Linzhou city with auto parts co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery on the Banks of the red flag canal,In the east of beijing-guangzhou railway、Beijing-zhuhai expressway,JiJin and henan provinces border,The transportation is convenient、Communication is convenient。The company is a specializes in auto parts production、The sale in a body comprehensive enterprise。Focus on the production:Differential shell、Reducer shell、Bridge shell、Air chamber bracket、Wheel hub, etc. Series of products。The company equipment is perfect、Have a CNC lathe more than one,Production of exquisite workmanship,Detection system is perfect,Standardized sales channels。With processing equipment100余Taiwan,Machining center10Taiwan。Before the furnace is equipped with perfect inspection equipment,Silicon carbon analysis instrument,Wireless temperature measuring gun,Microscope is equipped with a high configuration。Our company adopts front iron mould coated sand technology,Ensure that the material of hair embryo and appearance,At the same time also used three coordinate dimension inspection and local well-known institutions and to determine length

Why do you want to install differential?

Where to start with this differential loading device,Its location should be in the drive shaft and the left and right half axis intersection,From the transmission output power around here are assigned to two and a half shaft。Differential the question as to why a can do not need to do more to explain,Baidu encyclopedia written very clearly。All of us

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