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         Nanchong development investment(Holdings)A limited liability company(简称“Nanchong development”)Is2009Years5Funded by the people's governments of nanchong,Municipal government authorized municipal sasac sponsor duties of wholly state-owned company。Registered capital of the company19.95One hundred million yuan,Assets total twenty-six billion six hundred million yuan。Mainly engaged in the management of state-owned assets,Project investment and advisory services,Specified for the government investment project financing、Guarantee,Guidance for the government investment project financing,As well as other business approved by the municipal government or municipal sasac。Has the investment、Financing、The business、The five functions of construction of management and development...For details>>
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    Office phone:0817-2260239
    Assets of phones:0817-2260235
    Project engineering call:0817-2260234
    Investment finance:0817-2809026
    Business development:0817-2260234
    Content provides telephone company:0817-2260236
    Real estate company phone:0817-2802555
    Correspondence address:Sichuan nanchong shunqing district west henan road190Number
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