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Nanchong water authority“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission” The theme of education work
9Month12On the afternoon,The municipal water department“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education work conference,The comprehensive implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The important discourse,Has been clear about the task、The elaboration... [ In more detail ]
To grasp the real flood control and disaster mitigation Power safe construction of nanchong [09-10]
Ministry of water resources on water conservancy spirit notice issued by the new era [09-09]
Can be applied forms to be hung Hong mark tablet jialing [09-09]
Nanchong water authority held advance will focus of soil and water conservation work [08-30]
Materialize To ensure safety of flood control [08-12]
Nanchong water authority to carry out the water administration law enforcement patrol [08-12]
Attaches great importance to A grasp in the end The implementation of the responsibility To ensure safety of flood control [08-09]
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The government information disclosure directory
The government information disclosure annual report
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Danjiangkou reservoir is largest inbound flood this year Water conservancy department to do a good job in the han autumn flood defense [09-17]
China water conservancy delegation to attend the first38The international conference on water conservancy [09-16]
Promote the new era of water conservancy spirit Water conservancy reform and development of spiritual power [09-16]
Ministry of water resources arrangement deployment of prevention of floods during the Mid-Autumn festival [09-16]
Province held FangBan flood control and disaster mitigation dispatch meetings [09-13]
The launch of the flood control and drought relief headquarters in sichuan provinceIVFlood control and emergency response [09-13]
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2222919(The flood season)2222993(The flood season)
Colorful days water service hotline:2256789
Municipal drainage drainage center hotline:13890799129
Water report illegal conduct telephone:2333003
The city office long river system:2229917
Nanchong water sector wading anti-triad putting special struggle to work
A call:0817-2333003
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Management of water environment 26A sewage treatment plant built putting-in-service proactively [09-17] Sand factory affect residents' travel Law enforcement to supervise and urge the rectification [08-30]
530More than long river guardian clear green water [08-29] Province refers to the startIVFlood control and emergency response [08-20]
“Jialing river water to drink,We are full of expectation” [07-29] Lakes connected To build“Living water”With the dam [07-24]
Sewage“Tube”To get up Better environment [07-23] Simulated flood circumstances 80Thousands of cadres to the masses in the rain“Emergency rescue” [07-22]
ballbetHeadquartered in soccer betting“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education [07-09] Save for a rainy day Flood control for sin [07-09]
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ballbetHeadquartered in soccer betting bulletin of soil and water conservation in where you can see
Excuse me, where I can query to nanchong water resources throughout the years?Water authority website currently only see above20
L clock reservoir now whether in the contracting state?
Can you tell me where to use groundwater washing is reported
Jialing river takatsubo area small dragon power station to longmen levee consult when built
Excuse me takatsubo double crossing river reservoir when to start?
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