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The jade butterfly dealer contract are as follows、Jade butterfly authorized enterprises:Shun industry hardware、Hong da hardware、Jia xin building materials、Fujian hardware、Tang Guo hardware、Guiyang hong tao supplies co., LTD、Guiyang wire factory integrated sales department、Guizhou ding yida source material co., LTD、Guiyang hing hang wire factory、Red flower district benefits Evergrande WuJiaoHua、Zhunyi safflower district north stone electrical appliances sales department、Zhunyi ling jie electrical material co., LTD、Anshun city west show area force peng 5 to sales department、PingBa jade macro hardware store、Qiannan WuJiaoHua co., LTD. The sales department、Huishui four-way logistics trade co., LTD、Fuquan city deli hardware sales department、Guiding county xinqiao xiaoxiang trade shops、Blue ocean WuJiaoHua sales department、Dushan million sheng supplies co., LTD、Metal building materials、Japan tube operation store PingTang county、Changshun Jin YouEHome decoration、SanDou County opple、Longli shun sheng supplies sales department、Kaili xiang salt hardware supplies wholesale department、Kaili city golden horse water and electricity supplies、Kaili Tian Gong metal stand、Soluble Jiang Yu butterfly hongxing plumbing materials、Congjiang Donald WuJiaoHua selling house、Including hui xin supplies sales center、Tongren JHF WuJiaoHua wholesale department、DE jiang county four-way wujinjiaodian sales department、Wei star LTD、Carved jade butterfly electrical wire thinks the agencies、Xiangqian pierces hardware wholesale department、Heavens appliances sales office、Zhongtai WuJiaoHua co., LTD、Dafang east lighting、Dafang universal LTD store、Lotus city WuJiaoHua sales department、In the pipe、Weining map qi tuan appliances sales department、Xiao Lin WuJiaoHua, harmony county、Dr Hezhang county water pipe water outlet、Jinsha blue sky building materials business、The industry is a hardware store、Hongda hardware wholesale department、Jade butterfly wire and cable sales center、RongFu lighting、Hengshun plumbing arm wangmo county、Zhenfeng county of chongqing gao lighting、Japan hardware building materials wholesale and retail department、The hydropower installation business、Zhou WuJiaoHua distribution center、Heshan lonfu industrial co hardware wholesale department、Thriving wholesale department of water and electricity、Anshun city west show area force peng 5 to sales department、Dushan million sheng supplies co., LTD、Pondering electric、Chongqing WuJiaoHua selling house、Kaili xiang salt hardware supplies wholesale department、Kaili city golden horse water and electricity supplies、Big prosperous plumbing hardware building materials company、Tongren JHF WuJiaoHua wholesale department、Wei star LTD、Dragon power equipment sales department、The bull electric appliance co., LTD、BeiQin hardware sales department、Building hardware in guizhou、Thousands of dust supplies co., LTD、Guiyang inspiration supplies sales department、Love all trade co., LTD、General hardware company、Riding five xin line material、Carey three Lin electronics co., LTD、The appliance store in Shanghai、Yang four hardware、Guizhou big architecture industry &trade co., LTD、Opple stores、Guizhou yu xin trading co., LTD、Guizhou qian hao supplies company、With the hardware wholesale department、Yue hua metal building materials、Map of xifeng YongGang building materials、Qingzhen DE embellish building materials、Guizhou xin yong fu building materials co., LTD、Qiannan WuJiaoHua co., LTD。
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