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To design do subtraction paring down subtraction is to life,The true minimalism is the most powerful space directly express concise air field,Bearing the full“Empty”This is a very necessary break from is a kind of words have meaning and endless supreme state
About us
Artisan minister decoration engineering co., LTD., established in2009Years,The company registered capital220Ten thousand yuan,Absorb the coastal areas of jiangsu and zhejiang science、Environmental protection decoration concept,To form their own independent novel“The poetic jiangnan”The characteristic。The company mainly to undertake interior decoration,Villa design、Store design projects。The company currently has a number of senior designer,Registered project engineering consultant,Exquisite workmanship of the workers,Contains hundreds of guangdong、Jiangsu and zhejiang seiko,Has formed a professional intensive household service network and strict quality control system。 Have issued by the national commission level 3 qualification of construction,At the same time with class b design qualification。
We always pursue international perspective and the perfect combination of local living environment,On the one hand, adhere to the design of functional service faith,On the other hand is committed to enhance the connotation of the grade of the household environment,Relying on strong design strength,Accurately grasp the household environment trends,Our design team has a cutting-edge design concept and rich experience in the field,Is good at using skilled design gimmick expression of creative inspiration,In studying carefully every customer's background on the basis of the characteristics and personalized needs,Fusion culture art essence and international home fashion elements……
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 The bus:Water bank flowers(Jiangyou15Lk; Jiangyou26Lk; Jiangyou2Lk)
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