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Puyang hengfeng electronic insulation materials co., LTD

Hengfeng electronic insulation materials co., LTD., founded in puyang2015Years6Chemical industry is located in puyang economic and technological development zone industrial park

The main production are four methyl benzene anhydride(Pyromellitic dianhydride),Annual production capacity for2200Tons。All four benzene anhydride(Pyromellitic dianhydride)Used in new type insulation material,With high temperature resistance,Resistance to cold。Impact resistance and electrical properties。Can be made into films,Fiber,Enameled wire,Dipping line。Production is normal,Product quality is better,And get the customer the consistent high praise,Is puyang city industrial and commercial bureau awarded credit enterprise。

The company always adheres to the concept of safe development,Improve staff quality and product quality for the purpose....

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Fives advantageFive big advantageFaster、More efficient、CRD、On time delivery


The formidable strengthHighlight the strength

Annual output of puyang city hengfeng electronic insulation materials co., LTD2200Tons of all four methyl benzene anhydride project belongs to the investment promotion and capital introduction of the development zone、Puyang city key construction projects。Project investment30000Ten thousand yuan,Covers an area of37.28m。Has been puyang city industrial and commercial bureau awarded credit enterprise......

Advanced technologyadvanced equipment

The company adopts modern enterprise management,Responsibilities clear、Do their job;Laboratory using high-tech precision testing instrument strictly control the quality of products;The factory adopts the modern standard workshop:Oxidation workshop、Dianhydride workshop、Hydrolysis of workshop、Monomer building such as sewage treatment......

Excellent teamExcellent team

The company adopts modern enterprise management mode,Outstanding management talent,Strict operation specifications;Strictly carry out the operation procedures,Assessment on a regular basis,We will make“6SManagement”......

The high quality productStrict process

1、With plants37.28m,Ample supply,To ensure the delivery time;

2、Hengfeng electronic insulation materials awarded many environmental protection standard authentication,Product quality guaranteed;

3、Factory direct sales model,Save the intermediate links,The same quality product pricing;

All four benzene anhydride


Perfect servicePerfect Service

All products are own factory production,In the product quality,The response time,The guarantee of delivery speed;Perfect network service system,Sales-Distribution-Quality tracking through-train service pattern......



Factory equipmentproduction ability

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All four benzene anhydride

Address:Puyang city hi-tech development zone petrochemical west road

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Address:Puyang chemical industrial park economic and technological development zone

All four benzene anhydride

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