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What is the purpose of transformer?
Common problems and processing dry type transformer
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Hanzhong) transformer co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of power transformer manufacturers,Is a set design、Development、Sales and service of high-tech enterprises,The company is located in north han area economic development zone in hangzhong。 Trinidad and Tobago since its inception,Has been committed to the development of the professional road,With the male...【A detailed look at it】
 Hanzhong) transformer co., ltd. is a science and technology as the guide,Product innovation as the goal,Integrity services for the purpose,Specialized production6KV、10KV、35KVAll kinds of voltage gradeS9、S11、S13Series of energy-efficient oil-immersed power transformer、Box-type substation(The change)...【A detailed look at it】
 Workshop is in accordance with the environmental standard requirementsISO9001The quality management system,Coil workshop have a strict process management and closed management system,Purification tmonth detection control on a regular basis,Necessary to achieve high voltage to register products requirements,And passedISO9001Quality of witness and countries...【A detailed look at it】
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The business license
Production equipment
Account opening permit
Shaanxi province famous brand product certificate
HRectifier dry type transformer
10KVEpoxy pouring dry type transformer
35KVEpoxy pouring dry type transformer
FLevel epoxy pouring a dry type transformer
HOpen wide type dry type transformer
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