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Yue xi peninsula

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Jinwan hotel complex building fire door competitive negotiation purchase and installation project tender announcement
Jinwan hotel complex lamps and lanterns of public procurement projects the winning bidder
The winning bidder of the public procurement project in jinwan hotel complex mattress
Competitive negotiation announcement in jinwan hotel staff dormitory project

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Peninsula spa company“Good service quality month”Subject training
Promote the formation“Total quality work”In the new situation,Lay a good foundation for improving service quality。
Yue xi peninsula night colorful world classic fairy tales
Honghu jinwan platinum tao fei hotel campus recruitment
Peninsula spa company to meet4ALevel scenic spot check check
Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of honghu、The mayor Shen Xianwu research around the green project

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Hong brigade group party committee meeting“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Special democratic life
8Month27Day,Hong brigade group party committee meeting“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Special democratic life。Group headquarters theme education first steering group leader invented,Members of shu qin、Sun feng in Europe to attend the meeting and guidance。The meeting by hong brigade group secretary of the party committee、The chairman ren。
Hong brigade group“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Test subject education theory knowledge
New era for further study on xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Solid foundation for good“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education work,Effectively improve the masses of party members and cadres of political theory level and knowledge accomplishment,8Month14Monday morning,Hong brigade group company leadership organization、Head and secondary unit principal“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Test subject education theory knowledge。
Hong brigade group at research achievements and contrast the party constitution to find gap workshops
8Month8Sunday night,Hong brigade group“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Subject education exchanges and research achievements“Against the party constitution rules to find the gap”Workshops。The meeting by the secretary of the party committee、The chairman ren,The company leadership、Department head、The secondary unit head and part of the employee representatives to attend the meeting。
Hong brigade group“Bayi”The army day symposium
Veterans do not fade,To keep in mind,stay true to the missio,Keep in mind that the mission,Always do the party's good fighters。

      Founded in hong brigade group2013Years5Month,Is hubei brigade firms form together with the honghu city government investment and financing platform company。The company's registered capital3One hundred million yuan,The existing staff509People,Its five subsidiaries。
      Companies always adhere to the construction of honghu national tourist resort,In order to“Ecological experience、Hot spring resort、Leisure sports”As the core content,Build the lakeside leisure、Hot springs preserve one's health、Sports fitness、Commercial exhibition、The folk custom experience、The rural tourism、Resort living as one of the tourist resort。Has successively launched“Honghu shore is home”、Sports park、Yue xi peninsula phase ii、Honghu tourist port、Binhu new area、Major projects such as national basketball training base,Actual completed investment12.8One hundred million yuan。
     “Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”During the period,Company will take the honghu wetland ecological tourism city construction and the overall development of honghu lake tourism as a focus,Focus on building three major parts,Efforts to form a cultural tourism as the core,A new mode of the sustainable development of urbanization construction as the support。“Three major parts”Through creating yue xi town hot spring characteristics、Yue xi modern sightseeing agriculture,Formation of yue xi peninsula is the core of preserve one's health leisure tourism sector;In order to“Honghu shore is home”Jinwan hotel、Sports park、National basketball honghu training center、Honghu fish town as the core of sports leisure tourism sector;In honghu tourist port、Honghu tea island tourism portal building honghu altar,Form with tea altar island as the core.........
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One of the advanced deeds materials ZuoShiFang comrades

Comrade ZuoShiFang advanced deeds

Calligraphy(Strengthen the consciousness of integrity Advocate civilized behavior)

Calligraphy(Magnanimous integrity)

Calligraphy(Budget for fertile land DaiGeng)

Project presentation

Itself、Dreaming in jinwan by huaxiang is a highlight of jinwan is the town,In the thin film、Gu field、Huaxi district island、Romantic spring、7 colour kwai garden、Fantasy stars、Rings as the sea、Van gogh garden and so on eight major theme park。
Will wu Lin township and the surrounding land into the scope of planning as a whole,A period for the existing yue xi peninsula area,Phase ii project for spa town,Investment in the budget30One hundred million yuan。
Will be under construction in honghu tourist port、Is the town of projects such as integrated planning,To build“Jinwan is the small town”A comprehensive program。Investment in the budget2One hundred million yuan,Strive for3During the year。
Total length of project planning183.89Kilometers,Investment in the budget37.05Ten thousand yuan。Overall implementation of the five,First phase focused around the eastern front,Plan2During the year;Phase ii focus area,Tinghe coast in reconstruction、Celebrities avenue、Wen Quan road landscape and integrated consideration of park construction;Three periods of focused around the northern line,Through contact with QuJiaWan;Phase iv focusing around the downtown,Realize linkage and planting lotus screw hill field;Focus on the five along the Yangtze river,Further enhance the honghu river beach style。