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Zigong booster night economy
Read more2019-09-17
   More and more scenic spot and urban park began to explore the vigil product development,Change is given priority to with tickets economy operating forms,Stimulate secondary consumption,And
The lights of special materials
Read more2019-07-30
        The lights(Lanterns)The production has a long history,Along with the change of The Times,In the material and build
Floats(The barge),The Lantern Festival art flows
Read more2019-07-29
    Float culture is the Chinese nation is a beautiful flower in Malaysia,View the lamp、Watching lanterns is fit,For young and old,Is an important of our country folk
Zigong headlamp unit types(Under)
Read more2019-07-25
In zigong Lantern Festival today,Chy-tech is full of beautiful things in eyes,Make a person dazzling,Too many things to see。Rich variety,The myths and legends of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign、Many classics,Especially from
Zigong headlamp unit types(On)
Read more2019-07-23
What kind of zigong chy-tech species are there?As for the lights form and display layout,Zigong Lantern Festival in the traditional used to reduce the kinds of headlamp unit to process base on the lamp、Set of lights(That is, the headlamp unit
What are the lights of the production materials?
Read more2019-06-13
Whether will the north in the south during the Spring Festival, we always can see zigong manufacture large lantern chy-tech exhibited in outdoor,This take cloth chy-tech charged is how to adhere to a few in the open