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Efficient of the party group
Active management work

Online dues' pay

Docking Internet payment platform

Internet instant communication

Party organizations within their fast
Instant communication platform

The report automatically generated

Automatically generate a variety of format file
And can save printing

Mobile learning online

Mobile party learning online
Holding anytime and anywhere“The party”


5Big core functionality

Meet the personalized needs

Golden palm wisdom the party platform

Collection of convenience、Security、Timeliness in one comprehensive wisdom the party platform。Convenient fully implement the party functionaries、To protect information security、Timely release exchange, and other functions。To safety、In a timely manner、Convenient records and dynamically reflect the basic party。Let the people on the Internet+A new era of a better understanding of the party、Deep into the party、Into the party。Feel the organization reflects the party's warm care。

The wisdom of the professional platform development party construction supplier

Golden palm wisdom the party platform,Aiming at more party and government organs、Enterprise party construction to provide systemITSolutions one-stop professional services。Relying on powerful r&d strength and delicate service to open the party construction“Wisdom”The new model。The service hotline:010-67658141

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